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October 17 & 18, 2009

The Joust is a double elimination match play tournament to be played at Pleasant Hill Disc Golf on October 17 & 18. At least the first round will be played on the Gold Dragon with all Loser Bracket rounds being played on the Silver Dragon. The Championship round(s) will be played on the Pro Dragon.

The top half of each division will will win cash.

First place in the Open division will be given the choice of a paid entry into the 2010 USDGC or the 2010 DDGC (with the possibility of more choices to be added including possibly a 2010 Vibram Open spot)

All tournament berths that are declined by the winner will be passed down in order of finish, but at this point, only the first place winner is guaranteed to receive a paid entry for their chosen event.

Other divisions will be playing for cash and winners will receive paid 2010 DDGC spots.


The Knights - Open Division - top 8 qualified players by Joust rankings (must be Maine residents)
The Squires - Amateur Division - top 8 qualified players by Joust rankings (must be Maine residents)
The Ladies - top 8 qualified players by Joust rankings (women only)
The Masters - top 8 qualified players by Joust rankings (restricted to age 40 and up and PDGA rating of 935 or less)

  • Knights (Open division) must be active PDGA members no later than the morning of 10/17/09
  • Play and complete, at minimum, two rated rounds in an approved Joust qualifier event (any PDGA sanctioned event or any NEFA Points event within Maine) anytime from January October 11th 2009.
  • While there is a minimum number (2) of rounds needed to qualify, there is no maximum.  However, for every event played after reaching the minimum of two rounds, a player will be rewarded with bonus points added to their Joust ranking average to encourage players to participate in more qualifying events.
  • All Maine players are eligible to qualify.  Events within Maine will be monitored automatically, but it is recommended that if a player goes out of state and wants those rounds included, let us know.


  • Joust rankings will be based on the average of the two highest individual round ratings from among each player's officially submitted rounds during the season.
  • Bonus points will be added to a player's average for each event submitted after the minimum of two rounds is reached.  The number of points will depend on the highest level of sanctioning of the event:
    • NEFA Points only = 1 point
    • PDGA C-tier = 2 points
    • PDGA B-tier = 3 points
    • PDGA A-tier or NT = 4 points
    • PDGA Major = 5 points
  • Rankings and seeding for the match play tournament will be determined from highest total to lowest.  In case of ties, the tie-breakers will be the following:
    • highest base average (base = average before bonus points added)
    • most submitted PDGA sanctioned rounds for qualification
    • highest PDGA rating as of the most recent update
LIST OF POTENTIAL QUALIFIERS (choices are not necessarily limited to these events)

Woodland Valley Championships (April 11, NEFA)
Creative Rec Championships (June 13, NEFA, PDGA-C)
Acker's Open (June 21, NEFA)
CR Farm Open (July 11, NEFA, PDGA-C)
Bob Burns Memorial (July 18, NEFA)
Skyriders Classic (July 25, NEFA, PDGA-C)
Maine Monster Mash (August 2, NEFA, PDGA-B)
DnD Championships (August 22, NEFA, PDGA-C)
Portland Pirates Silver & Gold Open (August 29, NEFA, PDGA-B)
Fall Farm Classic (September 13, PDGA)
PDGA Tour Schedule for more options


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